Typography // Lettering  // Self-Directed

Objective: Create digital invitations, sharable via social media, for interdenominational Friday night worship gatherings, hosted in various locations around the city of Grand Rapids throughout the year.

Audience: Christians throughout the greater Grand Rapids area.

Solution: Since I had complete creative freedom on these invitations, I decided to use them as opportunities to stretch myself as a designer—I experimented with different typographic styles, took my own photographs, used unique materials, and explored the application of hand lettering into designs—while still conveying the cozy, comfortable nature of the event in each piece.

Lettering Overlay: I used this invitation as an opportunity to learn how to overlay hand lettering onto photography: a technique I had experimented with in the past, but had never used in a final design.

Typography: For this design, I went for a much cleaner, typographical approach. I shot a series of tea & Bible themed photos specifically to use on this design, and then created a simple, elegant layout to go on top of the photo.

Watercolor: This invitation gave me the chance to try my hand at watercolor lettering for the first time. It was a messy affair, but it was a fun learning opportunity! I was also able to overlay the type over an image of the venue's unique carpeting.

Experimental: When I found this blank cardboard sleeve at a local coffee shop, I knew that there would be a unique way to use it in one of my next designs. I handwrote on the sleeve in metallic ink, photographed the cup, and then added the other event details in digitally.

Fun: I used this week as a chance to explore more laid back, playful type styles, breaking away from my typical brush pen script.

Refinement: This design serves as a good illustration of the progress I've made since beginning this journey. The lettering was created with a brush pen, and is much more refined than my earliest lettering experiments.