Shannon & Michael

Print Design // Lettering

Objective: I had the honor of designing the wedding invitations, signage, and other materials for my sister’s wedding. I worked with her to create color palette/mood that fit their Autumn wedding, and worked with the couple to make the design of all of the materials personal to them.

Audience: Friends and family of the bride and groom.

Solution: Designing these materials, I sought to find a compromise between the bride’s appreciation of looser, watercolor designs, and the groom’s preference for more traditional designs. I did this by using a classic, centered layout for all of the materials, and then incorporating hand done watercolor elements throughout the designs. I kept this feeling consistent throughout the rest of the signage and guest favors as well. I also specifically worked with the couple to design the pieces so that they could be produced inexpensively (for example: the couple printed and assembled the tea bag packaging completely at home). 

Event Photography

Event photography by Halley Alexa Photography and Intricate Exposures