Kairos Cafe 

Typography // Print  // Lettering

Objective: Design a new printed menu, as well as hand letter a chalkboard wall menu, for Kairos Cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal

Audience: Guests at the Five14 Bed and Breakfast, which Kairos is located in, as well as locals in Kathmandu.

Solution: Kairos Cafe was trying to expand their customer base (beyond just guests at their b&b), and had recently added many new food items to their offerings. They wanted to come across as more of a full-fledged restaurant, and less of a casual coffee shop, and were planning on redecorating their space to have an industrial feel: with black walls, dark wood, and black steel. They wanted their design materials to reflect the new image they were portraying through these updates.

I chose to use a dark color scheme on the menu to reflect the new decor, but didn't want the menu to come across as too formal, so I added a slight texture to the black background, used a modern sans serif font, and paired that with a casual handwritten font. Kairos also needed all new food photography to include in the menu, so I worked alongside two photographers to coordinate which photos would be included.

I also created a chalkboard menu for the cafe, directly behind the front counter. I wanted it to be clean and simple, easy to read and understand, while also complementing the style of the printed menu.

Photos used with permission from Kairos Cafe.

Chalkboard Menu