Hello Future Gallery 

Branding // Experience //  Print // Lettering

Objective: Brand and create promotional materials (in both Spanish and English) for the YWAM Photo-Storytelling School’s capstone gallery. 

Audience: Residents of Tijuana and Playas de Tijuana, as well as YWAM staff and students.

Solution: For the branding, I used a modern sans serif to emphasize the forward-thinking, “future” nature of the event, but I also incorporated a script typeface to make the event still feel human. Because really, the event was all about human beings: about the beauty and potential within them, and what God was doing inside each of them. 

I continued that look throughout the gallery by hand lettering signage for each sub-theme in the same script as the main logo. I also hand painted a sign featuring the main wordmark, welcoming visitors to the event, and assisted in planning the overall experience and aesthetic of the event.

Additionally, I designed posters and flyers for the event, which were placed in local businesses around the area, and I created digital invitations to be shared on social media.

Promotional Materials

Event Posters

We placed posters for the gallery in local businesses around Tijuana.

We placed posters for the gallery in local businesses around Tijuana.

Event Flyers

Digital Invitations

Event Photos

I hand painted a welcome sign to match the wordmark used on the promotional materials.

I also hand lettered the title signs for each of the event's sub-themes, in both English and Spanish, using the same script as the one in the wordmark.

Event photography by Sarah Nations.