Global Proposals Conference

Branding //  Print //  Experience // Created for Steelcase

Objective: Create a cohesive brand for the Steelcase Global Proposals Conference in Los Angeles that reflects the theme and goals of the conference. Also assist in the planning of the event, head up the creation of collateral materials, and photograph events during the week. 

Audience: Conference attendees and speakers from Steelcase locations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Solution: The focus of this meeting was on improving the team's ability to effectively communicate the value of Steelcase's products, specifically through the use of storytelling.

I arrived at the theme and design by combining the three subtopics of emerging products, emerging markets, and storytelling into one single theme: "Tell the Story."  Each of these subtopics related to the act of storytelling in some way: 

Learn the Story: In order to become effective storytellers, we need to understand the story behind each of Steelcase's products. Experts on emerging products educated us on Steelcase's newest product offerings.

Tell the Story: Once we learn Steelcase's story, we need to be able to tell that story effectively. A one morning of the conference was dedicated to a storytelling workshop that helped us address this issue.

Reach with the Story: Finally, we need to know our audience, so that we can reach them with the story. We brought in a series of speakers to present on current emerging markets, and coordinated site visits with a local Steelcase dealer and A&D firm.

Each of these three subtopics was represented by an icon, which was used throughout the meeting agenda to denote the topics addressed each day. 

Because I was part of the planning team for the conference, I also conducted on-site research of each venue prior to the event, arrived early to help with the setup and assembly of materials, and assisted in facilitating the event.


Learn the Story, Tell the Story, and Reach with the Story

Each of these subtopics was represented by a unique icon, used throughout event materials.

I used the icons to denote the subtopics addressed throughout each day's events.

Event Photography