Active Year Card

Print Design // Created for Steelcase

Objective: Create a card as the final deliverable in a year-long wellness campaign with area design firms. Previous cards in the campaign had good content, but were far from meeting Steelcase’s brand standards.

Audience: Design firms that Steelcase is seeking to partner with, and/or better their relationship with.

Solution: Every month, a Steelcase representative would deliver a card focusing on a specific area of wellbeing, along with a small item that tied into that theme. (Example: one month's focus was food, and the informational card was accompanied by a basket of apples.) For the final month, the design firms each received a Turnstone Buoy stool, which is designed to keep employees moving on the job and improve their wellbeing. I created a card to accompany the Buoy and to encourage the firms to carry their knowledge of wellbeing into the following year. I incorporated aspects from previous cards, while making the design more in line with Steelcase’s brand, and also assisted with writing and editing content. 

Card accompanied a Turnstone Buoy (pictured above).