Photography //      Self-Directed

Objective: Starting on January 1st, take one self portrait per week for an entire year. Then, create an art piece capturing the essence of the project.

Audience: Myself, my peers, and judges at the annual Ferris State University Honors Art Show.

Solution: My weekly self-portraits became reflections of myself: what I had experienced that week, what my struggles had been, what I had contemplated, what I was working on, etc. At the end of each week, I sought to create a photograph that uniquely captured the essence of that week. I grew in my ability to portray emotions and concepts through photography, and also became more bold in my self-expression through these images.

For the art show, I created a piece that allowed the audience to experience each image as I did, by first sharing a one-word emotion tied to the week, and then allowing them to flip open that week and see the image associated with that emotion.


Week 1: Surrendered

Week 7: Captive

Week 12: Conflicted

Week 17: Hopeful

Week 27: Flawed

Week 28: Wandering

Week 29: Temporary

Week 37: Dry

Week 45: Bones

Week 48: Fighting

Week 52: Joyful

Final Piece